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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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How To Ban Books
Book-burning is one of the hallmarks of totalitarian regimes. It is the very symbol of tyranny. Totalitarians who wish to control how people think do not like them to have access to subversive or heretical ideas. And books are full of such ideas. And so totalitarians wish to restrict available literature to a few approved texts, and to burn all the rest.

But if a totalitarian government set out on an overt campaign of suppression of free speech, burning books, it would likely meet with strong resistance from freedom fighters and libertarians of one sort or other faced with such a direct assault upon their liberty.

They would be much more likely to succeed, however, if they were to take a rather more indirect approach, and set out to portray books and book-reading as an unhealthy practice, and a public health menace. Doing this, they would be able to insist that they were all in favour of freedom of speech, while at the same time effectively banning books, and indeed burning them.

All that needs to be done is to discover (or rather, invent) some sort of health risk from reading books.

And this should not prove too difficult. Books are made of paper, and paper is made of fibres of wood and rags bound together with glue. And here we may discern the outlines of a possible health risk. For as paper decays and disintegrates, minute fibres from books are released into the air, and are inhaled by their readers. And these tiny fibres are not essentially different from the fibres of asbestos, which are known to cause asbestosis and emphysema and lung cancer and a variety of other lung diseases.

This health threat also has the particular merit of being at a maximum for people who read books, rather than keep them lying unread upon shelves. For the reader of books will be someone who regularly turns their pages. And as he turns their pages, clouds of tiny fibres will fly up into the air to be inhaled. Books that lie unread on bookshelves will degrade more slowly, and so pose a lesser threat.

And it will be old books which which will be the most dangerous, for these will have tended to decay the most, and to release more such cancer-causing fibres into the air. The old books will tend to be the classic books, the great pieces of literature. Like the Bible, the works of Plato and Aristotle, or of Shakespeare or Dante.

But equally, cheap popular books for a mass market, held together with low grade glue, will also pose a considerable health threat.

Of course it will need some epidemiological research to build a case against books. There will have to be studies in which people are asked their book-reading habits - how many books a week or month they read, whether they read old books, new books, popular books, magazines, newspapers. These studies will show that, after 30 or 40 years of inveterate book-reading, bookworms very often succumb to lung cancer. By contrast, light book readers, who only occasionally leaf through a magazine or newspaper, will be shown to be at the lowest risk. of course, the studies may very often show that there is little or no risk at all. But if sufficient numbers of studies are done, of a wide variety of book-readers, it is very likely that some studies will show a small but statistically significant risk. The studies that show some degree of risk will be published, and those that show little or no risk, and even some health benefits, will be discarded.

Once a health risk from reading books has been established, totalitarian governments may then begin to slowly move to restrict books. In public health campaigns, in magazine and newspaper articles, people will be warned that there is a small danger inherent in reading books. Initially, people will be advised to keep a window open when they read a book. Or to cut down on their reading habits. Bookshelves will become enclosed behind glass doors or curtains. Special fans will become available to maintain an airflow over the surfaces of books while they are being read, to carry away the dangerous fibres erupting from them as they are read. Or face masks will be provided to filter the fibres from the air.

Worried manufacturers will try to manufacture new kinds of 'safe' books, using more long lasting glues, and different materials. But further epidemiological studies will show that no health benefits are gained.

Once the danger of first-hand book reading have been established, there will emerge the danger of second-hand book reading. While it is generally the reader of any book who will be in the greatest danger from the fibre cloud billowing up from it, these fibres will disperse far and wide in the air, and be inhaled by other people, and in particular children or vulnerable old people.

Gradually, people, will start giving up reading books. Giving up reading books will become an exercise in self-discipline. Some people will gradually cut down their consumption of books to zero. Others will give up completely overnight, going 'cold turkey'. In conversations, such people will say how they were once avid book readers, and gave up reading with great difficulty, but now enjoy a clear-minded, idea-free life, in which they are untroubled by the plots of murder stories, or taxed by the logic of intellectuals and philosophers. They will point to the many benefits of giving up reading books, the hours of time opened up for other activities like gardening or jogging or house-cleaning, the space saved once bookshelves have been removed.

At the same time as the dangers of reading books are emphasized, and the practice discouraged, any sort of merit of value in reading books will be increasingly discounted. Reading books will be regarded as a sort of mental masturbation. Book addicts will be portrayed as people in search of a cheap thrill, and no different from drug addicts in search of a 'fix'. Reading books will increasingly be regarded as a self-indulgent as well as an unhealthy habit.

Sales of books will plummet. Libraries will begin to close. Particular worries will be expressed about children who encounter books. Schools will become book-free places, in which reading is no longer taught. Parents will be advised not to read books or magazines while there are children in the room, or in the house. They will also be advised not to buy any books for their children - like Alice in Wonderland or the Wind in the Willows - but instead replace these with balls and plastic toys and sweets.

Books will have health warnings attached to them. There will be increasing numbers of book-free areas with No Reading signs everywhere. Initially on trains and buses, there will be reading compartments and no-reading compartments. The numbers of reading compartments will gradually diminish, filled with book and newspaper readers. People will begin to complain that it is impossible to move in these compartments for all the newspapers and books and magazines that are held open inside them. And so reading compartments will be completely phased out.

And then reading will be banned in all public places.Public places will include libraries and bookshops and newsagents. These will close. People who continue to read books will now have to do so outside. It will be customary to see people standing outside doorways or leaning against walls, reading the few books and newspapers still available. There will be complaints from shoppers of having to 'shoulder their way past' hordes of such readers, cluttering up the pavements, and often discarding their newspapers on the ground, creating a litter problem. Steps will be taken to restrict the reading of books and newspapers in parks, railway stations. If people want to read, they will be told that they will only be able to do so in the privacy of their own homes., so long as there are no children or old people or handicapped people present. Or indeed anyone else at all.

All the while the government will insist upon the need for freedom of thought and self-expression in mature, democratic societies, and they will conduct wars against foreign totalitarian regimes all around the world in the name of freedom and democracy.

Finally, books will be made illegal. There will be an amnesty during which people will be encouraged to hand in all the books in their possession for safe disposal at government incineration plants. Great heaps of books, popular novels, bibles, textbooks, antiquarian texts, will be heaped up and burned.

In this manner, the incineration of all books will be achieved with the active cooperation of the general population, with a minimum of unpleasant violent confrontation. It is a slow and gradual process, which may have to take place over a hundred years or so, of gradually constructing a public health case against books, and establishing this threat in the public mind, and gradually tightening restictions on reading. It takes a long time. But the net result is a healthy, clear-minded, idea-free society that can be easily manipulated to do the will of its governing class.

At this point, it may be discovered that books were not any health risk at all. The lung cancer epidemic will be found to have been caused by something else. But since there will be no more books by then, and nobody will be able to read, it will be too late to do anything about it.

This is how to burn books.


This works because 'health' has been separated from all other values, and set over and above them. Once health has become more important than anything else, then all those other values - freedom, conviviality, etc - are marginalised. And since health has become the exclusive domain of health professionals, for whom nothing else matters except health, the ascendancy of the medical profession makes not only for high remuneration of health professionals, but also the ascendancy of their health-centred value system.

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Book readers dont give a damn, seeing me, getting
pissed wet through stood outside my local,just because
I smoke. Burn the books, I'lle bring the petrol.
Tolerance is dead,wrapped up and buried , isolation,
division and exclusion reign supreme.
If the ringleaders of spite relish the era of apathy
which adorns them with trappings of power , a warning,
patience has run out,the idiots are stirring.
Sorry there are no rule books.


US CPSIA Act - All pre-1985 books "unhealthy" - banned

There actually is such a law already been passed in the US called the CPSIA Act - which prohibits libraries, schools, bookshops, second-hand-thrift stores, etc. from selling books that are printed prior to 1985. The reason is for "health and safety" as the ink is claimed to be "deadly" and "toxic". Accordingly all US libraries, bookstores, schools, thrift-shops, etc. are required by Federal law to round up these "dangerous" books and promptly destroy them. The fines are extremely high for anyone not obeying the requirement all old books be burned.

Further information can be found at a number of websites:





Re: US CPSIA Act - All pre-1985 books "unhealthy" - banned

From that city-journal link:

I just came back from my local thrift store with tears in my eyes! I watched as boxes and boxes of children’s books were thrown into the garbage! Today was the deadline and I just can’t believe it! Every book they had on the shelves prior to 1985 was destroyed! I managed to grab a 1967 edition of “The Outsiders” from the top of the box, but so many!

CA to require e-books only in schools

As an additional footnote to the comment on pre-1985 books requiring to be destroyed everywhere in the US, the latest from CA, where the Brave New World Order is tested first before launching the campaigns everywhere else next, the state has decided that soon, all school textbooks should be replaced with electronic-books instead - that way they can be constantly "electronically updated" to the latest "science facts" and "historical accuracies" - as the state requires to carry out The Fraud.

So one compliments the other. Old books to be burned because of "health and safety concerns". New books to be brought in that are constantly re-programmable to suit the agenda of the establishment.

In California, USA, this is unfortunately already becoming "the norm".

Look for it elsewhere - soon.

Re: CA to require e-books only in schools

I've heard about the idea of replacing school textbooks with e-books. It seemed like quite a good idea, although the justification for it was that it would be cheaper doing things that way.

But, yes, I can see that it's also a way of filling the textbooks with propaganda of one sort or other.

But my post today wasn't really about books. It was about how 'public health' seems to trump everything else - such as freedom, morality, etc - and allows politicians masquerading as public health advocates to make an end run around the usual political process, in which such values usually come into play.

Re: CA to require e-books only in schools

And the sad, sad thing is that there are many, many members of the public out there who would swallow it - hook, line and sinker. Never, ever has the phrase "people get the Government they deserve" been so true as it is today.

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