frank_davis (frank_davis) wrote,

Nick Hogan Freed

I'm very glad to report that Nick Hogan, the jailed pub landlord, was freed from prison this afternoon. It was an odd sensation to see a photo of the man and to realise that I'd played a tiny, tiny part in setting him free. And that's all I personally have wanted: that powerful glow of satisfaction.

I was also intrigued to see that there was something of a scrum of reporters and photographers outside the prison to speak to him. I wonder whether any of the national press will report it? I wonder how many of them will see the significance of the fact that the money to release him was raised in less than 4 days via the blogosphere, and came from all over the world?

To be honest, I don't expect any of the mainstream media will report a single word about it. For them, smokers are non-persons, and what happens to them is of no interest to anybody.

But it doesn't matter. The news has already travelled all the way round the world, thanks to the internet. We don't need the mainstream media to tell us about it. Or to figure out for us what it all means in our fight against this filthy law.

Thanks must go to Anna Raccoon and Old Holborn for setting the ball rolling, and enduring a hard time (which no doubt they will tell us all about).

P.S. Nick Hogan speaks to the Manchester Evening News:

“It’s wonderful to know that so many people feel as strongly as I do about the smoking ban and its impact on ordinary working people."

P.P.S. There's actually been good coverage of the event in the Daily Mail.
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