frank_davis (frank_davis) wrote,

Nick Hogan Free by 2:45pm?

On Sunday Anna Raccoon started up a Paypal appeal on Old Holborn's blog to try to pay off Nick Hogan's £10,000 fine. I chipped in a few quid, and added a link in my last post, but wondered how much it'd raise.

Today I read that it'd raised £3144 by 4pm Monday. By 8.40pm that had risen to £4274. That's over £242 per hour. At that rate, I estimate that the entire fine will be paid by 8.20pm Tuesday 2 March 2010 - today -, just over 2 days after the appeal was launched.

But wait. The appeal was launched at 3.35pm on Sunday. That means the first £3144 was raised at an average rate of £128 per hour. So the rate the money has been coming in has nearly doubled. In fact, it's been rising at the rate of about £7.55 per hour.

So I now estimate that, given both the rate money has been coming in, and the rate it's been accelerating, Nick Hogan's fine will be paid by 2.45pm Tuesday. i.e. less than 2 days after the appeal was launched.

Bloody amazing!

What a testament to the power of the internet! Some of this money will have come from all over the world, not just the UK. (for example, California musician jredheadgirl)

And the appeal is quite likely to overshoot its target. In fact, at the current rates, it'll have reached £20,000 by 5am Wednesday 3 March 2010. Maybe that could be used to pay off a few other pub landlord's fines? Like Hamish Hewitt and Tony Blows.

Whatever way, I hope this sends a powerful message to the cunts in parliament who enacted this filthy law. Maybe we should make damn sure they hear that message. UPDATE: Friday, 5 March 2010. Old Holborn today reports that the target has been reached, and Nick Hogan should be released next week. So it took just 5 days to raise the money needed on the internet. Pretty good going!
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