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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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Nick Hogan Free by 2:45pm?
On Sunday Anna Raccoon started up a Paypal appeal on Old Holborn's blog to try to pay off Nick Hogan's £10,000 fine. I chipped in a few quid, and added a link in my last post, but wondered how much it'd raise.

Today I read that it'd raised £3144 by 4pm Monday. By 8.40pm that had risen to £4274. That's over £242 per hour. At that rate, I estimate that the entire fine will be paid by 8.20pm Tuesday 2 March 2010 - today -, just over 2 days after the appeal was launched.

But wait. The appeal was launched at 3.35pm on Sunday. That means the first £3144 was raised at an average rate of £128 per hour. So the rate the money has been coming in has nearly doubled. In fact, it's been rising at the rate of about £7.55 per hour.

So I now estimate that, given both the rate money has been coming in, and the rate it's been accelerating, Nick Hogan's fine will be paid by 2.45pm Tuesday. i.e. less than 2 days after the appeal was launched.

Bloody amazing!

What a testament to the power of the internet! Some of this money will have come from all over the world, not just the UK. (for example, California musician jredheadgirl)

And the appeal is quite likely to overshoot its target. In fact, at the current rates, it'll have reached £20,000 by 5am Wednesday 3 March 2010. Maybe that could be used to pay off a few other pub landlord's fines? Like Hamish Hewitt and Tony Blows.

Whatever way, I hope this sends a powerful message to the cunts in parliament who enacted this filthy law. Maybe we should make damn sure they hear that message. UPDATE: Friday, 5 March 2010. Old Holborn today reports that the target has been reached, and Nick Hogan should be released next week. So it took just 5 days to raise the money needed on the internet. Pretty good going!

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Velvet Glove, Iron Fist already has a second candidate lined up:


Nobody was smoking in this guy's shop and nobody ever has. He is in trouble for not putting up 'no smoking' signs in a place where nobody has ever smoked.

Time to heat up the tar and fluff up the feathers.

Good idea. It'd be wonderful if there was a fund that paid every single one of these wretched fines. It might even encourage people to break the law more often.


l hope this does send a message to 646 who have forgotten why they are there. Good move by FOREST too by not donating and just leaving it to individuals. lf they hadn't we would've had that harpie Arnott from ASH saying it was a stunt from the tobacco industry.

Mind she probably still will anyway ... l really hate that lying little sour faced crone!

Didn't ASH only get 16k in the whole year from donations? ... not that they need it as the gov funds them anyway.

It'll go to show where the real support lies, if the Old Holborn appeal can raise 16k in just over two days (which it looks set to do), while it takes ASH a year to get the same.


"What a testament to the power of the internet!"

Well, yes. But let's not miss perhaps a more important point, Frank.

Supporters of the cause that Nick Hogan represents generated this support. In no time flat.

We all post on these relatively unknown blogs and discussion boards as "keyboard activists" who are angry about anti-smoking, but we're often left to feel that we have little power. 99.999% of the world doesn't know about this blog or all of the other blogs you list in the sidebar.

Of course, I know you don't miss that point, Frank, but I want to emphasize it.

Good people from around the world have rallied to support Mr. Hogan's cause.

Six months? Don't cross us. He won't see six days.

So, for those antis who might be looking in, take note: you just lost. I know it's an unfamiliar feeling for antis, so I'll hope they'll take this opportunity to acclimate themselves.

An innocent man will be freed because of the recognition by others of his innocence, and their contribution. The people who donated have given a small part of themselves to rescue their fellow, a man they've never met in their life.

I have to confess that I feel lifted and affirmed by this outpouring of support for Mr. Hogan. While it may not amount to true justice for Mr. Hogan, it certainly validates the unity and worthiness surrounding the cause he stood up for, and also provides a degree of vindication for those of us who have been concerned with these matters for some time now.

Yes, I feel lifted too. And affirmed. And maybe even empowered.

We all got together, and we set a man free.

Or at least I hope that's how it works out. Who knows what tricks the antis have up their sleeves?


Yes, well I donated from the Antipodes, where the hysteria makes me embarrassed to be an Aussie. In one generation, we've gone from tough to timid; from manly to meek. However, we have not (yet) become so fascist as to lock-up people for smoking-related offences.

This is frightening. Where will it end??

I think the response is really heartwarming. We'll see.


From Junican.

I have made my contribution of £50. If necessary, I will contribute more.

What is really important in my view is that we should not let the matter rest once Nick has been freed. The powers-that-be have overstepped the mark. They have persecuted someone who refused to implement their unreasonable and almost certainly unlawful demands that he should force others, by any means at his disposal, including force, at the risk of his own life, to conform. How long will it be before it becomes mandatory in law, under penalty of imprisonment, to report to the police any malfeasance that one observes? Be in no doubt, that that situation is A FACT as regards the smoking ban.

It is no longer a matter of interpretation of the law, it is a FACT.

I have just written to my prospective parliamentary candidate regarding the diminution of our liberties and freedoms. I will write to him again regarding the point that I have just mentioned. It cannot be allowed to go on, regardless of which party forms the next government. Citizens cannot be forced by law to snitch on their friends and batter other citizens into submission to laws dreamt up by the likes of Patricia Hewitt and Caroline Flint. We must not let these people off the hook. They are personally responsible.

There is a need for the transcripts of the original trial of Nick Hogan to be published (with his permission, of course). They need to be examined, and if he was 'framed' or 'fitted up', or bullied, or abused or even (mentally) tortured, then we need to know.

Further, if it is found that he was wrongly convicted of a non-crime, there must be repercussions. It is not acceptable that it can be allowed to just fade away. There is email evidence that the Peers were deliberately misled as to the cost of hiding cigarette displays. Have we forgotten that?

Nick Hogan's sacrifice must not be allowed to be for nothing. We are contributing to a fund to have him released. We must act on the assumption that he would have had to serve the time had we not done so. When he is released, that is when the real war must start.

I won't disagree with any of that, but I suggest you copy and paste this into Old Holborn's blog comments. I'm a small player in this particular business.



I am proud to say that some of that cash came from Slovenia. ;)

This is an international issue. We're in it together.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

PS. I'll go even further and report that amount as an tax exempt ;)

Good for you, Slaven!


fine fund

I'm hoping that this fund does overshoot the target and that those who have donated agree to allow it to be used to pay future fines. This is what the Dutch bar owners did.

Of course the Government will love this, because it gets the money.

anon - 3.16pm: Sure, it gets the money but what it won't like is the strength of support that the money represents and not just from smokers, either.

HMG knows that it's lying through its teeth when it hails the ban as a success. I posted a comment to Tom Harris' blog about Nick Hogan. It was only the third to be rejected out of several dozen comments I've made. Tom Harris obviously doesn't want to be seen as publicising the story - pity from Labour's point of view that the Mail reported it!


I'm not surprised about Tom Harris. I was a (fairly) regular reader and commenter until Christmas, when he said he didn't want to hear any more about smoking bans and so-called fascist Britain.

nick hogan

Just spotted this, too late to contribut, keep up the good work.(must open these pages more often.)

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