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Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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Gone to:

I'm definitely moving from Livejournal to Wordpress. New address is:

I haven't actually written much at the new Wordpress site. It may take a few days before I get into writing stuff. For now I've just been trying out different templates, and the text editor it's got. So the look of it will change around a bit. I'll probably keep it a bit like the Livejournal page (whose text font and size I've grown accustomed to). i.e. simple.

Wordpress all seems to be much more slicker than Livejournal. And it seems there are more features available.

Commenting should be easier. No captchas (that I've seen yet anyway). At the moment it's set for people to put name and email address (just like WUWT). If people want to comment anonymously they can just put "anonymous" and a silly, made-up email address like "". It doesn't seem to check email addresses. Comments have the usual HTML italic, bold, and stuff.

There's an option to import from Livejournal to Wordpress, but it might take a long time, given some 500 Livejournal posts and quite a few images. Whichever way, I'll leave the Livejournal stuff as it is. Except maybe switch off comments after a while (not yet anyway).

I probably won't post here any more.

So long Livejournal.

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