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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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Moving to Wordpress, Maybe
I've been with Livejournal for over 18 months now, and the strain is beginning to tell.

There are just too many ads. I didn't mind one or two ads in the right margin, even if they were Quit Smoking ads. But a few months ago they started whole page ads that had to be clicked off. And a week or two back they started a new ad, which appears along the bottom of the page, over the text, and I've found that one even more annoying. It was getting to be too much.

It's almost as if they want to drive people away.

In addition, commenters have been complaining about the captchas they have to fill in, and other difficulties.

So I've begun investigating moving. But where? I don't really like blogspot, because somehow or other all blogs seem to end up looking the same. So I thought I'd try wordpress, because it seemed to have a good reputation. WUWT uses the free version, I believe. It seems to be pretty plain and simple. And it doesn't seem to have any ads. Commenting is pretty straightforward. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

And so I've now got myself an account at http://cfrankdavis.wordpress.com/

There's already an automatic post there. So anyone who's interested is welcome to try commenting there, and say what they think.

Comments from other bloggers about Wordpress and other platforms are welcome.

For the moment, I'll carry on posting here, while trying to figure out what features Wordpress offers, and how easy it is to edit the page appearance and stuff. It may be that there's some awful problem I don't know about.

If it all looks good, I'll quit LiveJournal and post on Wordpress instead. I won't delete this blog or anything stupid like that. I'm not sure if you can copy one blog to another. Probably not.

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The foggy blackish page that comes over top of your page and says one must wait until going further, until the ad is displayed for a certain length of time, has been appearing for more than just a few weeks. I have been getting that intermittently for months. It doesn't always pop up, but often does when first landing on your site or if not then, when one goes to post, before being able to post, one must be forced to watch the ad.

I never get to see the ads though. They take too long to display, the page just goes misty black saying it will appear in a few moments.

Then I discovered a way to avoid it. When the page goes misty black and the ad says it will display before allowing you to continue - I go back up to the top bar where the website address is - go to the end of the line - depress the enter/return key a second time to reload the site - and it then reloads without the misty black overlay.

That has been my experience with that sort of ad though, on your website.

The foggy blackish page that comes over top of your page and says one must wait until going further, until the ad is displayed for a certain length of time, has been appearing for more than just a few weeks.

Yes, it's more like months for that one. The one that appears belatedly at the bottom of the window is a recent innovation, however.

Wordpress seems mercifully ad-free (so far)


The foggy blackish page that comes over top of your page and says one must wait until going further, until the ad is displayed for a certain length of time, has been appearing for more than just a few weeks.

This one is easy to deal with, you can click the X and it is gone.

The one on the bottom which appeared recently, however, can be a nuisance.

Yes, that too worked on occassion, but I wasn't always even getting the "X" in enough time to click it, so began reloading at the top so I didn't have to wait. It may be my internet speed is sometimes too slow that even the "X" wouldn't show up immediately.

I haven't encountered any ads, pop-ups or anything here apart from those in the sidebar which are obviously meant to be there. Certainly no foggy black page. Could it be regional? That is, triggered by certain IP addresses? How odd.

I'm using firefox with adblock plus, I see no adverts :-)
But these capchas are bloody impossible!

Please, keep up the excellent work and continue to post topics like this. I am old fan of your site.

I just signed up to your rss feed! Will you post more about this subject?

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