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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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With the Conservative-led coalition government today unveiling an insane tobacco display ban, I'm reminded how a lot of people were arguing a year back that UK smokers should vote Conservative at the upcoming election. Voting UKIP, they said, was a wasted vote. The thing to do was to vote Conservative, because iDave wouldn't wear any further antismoking measures.

I wasn't convinced, and voted for UKIP anyway. I'm glad I did, because iDave and the Conservatives have proved today that they're as much the party of antismokers as the Labour party or the Lib Dems. And today the faint chance that I might one day vote Conservative at some election was finally extinguished.

These days I just wonder what sort of socialist 'Big-Society' iDave is, and if and when Conservative voters are going to recognise that the Conservative party isn't conservative any more, just like the Lib Dems aren't liberal.

What a turn-about! Five years ago, I thought of myself as slightly left wing. Now the Conservative party isn't right wing enough for me.

What happened? Well, the smoking ban is what happened. The smoking ban that expelled me from society, and shattered my social life. Five years ago, I was a member of society, and more than happy for less fortunate people - blacks, women, gays, etc - to be given a helping hand to equal status as me. Now I couldn't give a damn about any of them. Because I have myself become an outcast. An outcast Englishman in England! It's something I could never have foreseen happening in my wildest imaginings.

I'm becoming an ultra-conservative, I think. Or maybe a nationalist. I dunno. I just want my country back the way it was 10 or 20 years ago. No, make that 50 years ago. Back to the days when you could go into a pub, and drink a pint of beer, and smoke a cigarette, and think nothing of it. Because I hate everything that this country has become over the past five years. And it hates me.

Actually, I don't think my core beliefs have changed at all. I remain pretty much a 'liberal'. However, because this word has become corrupted to mean something more like its opposite, I now have to say I'm 'libertarian'. It isn't that I've changed, but that the entire British political establishment has lurched leftward, particularly when iDave took over the Conservative party and repositioned it slightly to the right of Labour. This leaves everyone who is politically to the right of, say, Stalin, without a party to vote for.

And I feel betrayed. Betrayed by all the political parties. Betrayed by all the institutions. Betrayed by the BBC. Betrayed by the medical profession. Betrayed by science.

I think that, with the smoking ban, all these cheerfully betrayed their own people. Or the quarter of them who were smokers. And they been busy betraying them again today.

And it seems to me that if you can betray that many people, you can betray absolutely everybody. And maybe that's what these same people have been doing as they've set out to bind Britain into the EU. To do that, they had to be prepared to betray Britain, betray democracy, and betray absolutely everything that it ever stood for. Everything.

And why? Why are they doing it? Probably because they've been bought. Bought by an EU which seems to vote itself ever more taxpayer money every year. Bought by pharma companies who want to win the nicotine franchise from the hands of the tobacco companies.

It's as good an explanation as any. If you're a politician these days, you just sell yourself to the highest bidder. And there's a lot of money swilling around out there. And a lot of people who'd like a cut of it. If smokers get stamped on, who cares. If an entire nation has to be sold into slavery, too bad.

Perhaps that's all we're looking at. Corruption. The complete and utter corruption of the entire political class. From top to bottom. From the lowliest council official to the highest EU bureaucrat.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that it's not their electorates that these people are serving. They've betrayed them all. The Labour party has betrayed its labour roots. And the Conservative party has betrayed conservatism. And the Lib Dems have betrayed both liberalism and and democracy. They're all soiled goods. They're all empty vessels, hollowed out inside by maggots. It's a wonder that, when you see Nick Clegg or David Cameron on TV, that a maggot doesn't pop out of their forehead or their nose, and peer about, before burrowing back inside again.

Perhaps it's something that just happens quite naturally from time to time. Particularly at the end of a long economic boom, when there's a lot of money sloshing around. What started out once as something noble and principled gradually becomes corrupted. Eaten away by rust. Dissolved in the universal solvent of money. It happens to everything sooner or later. One day it ceases to be fit for purpose, and needs to be replaced, even it's a family heirloom. Nothing lasts forever. If there's a smell of corruption in the air, it's because something has died, and needs to be laid to rest.

There's some sort of explosion coming. All these people are going to be swept away. It's only really a question of whether this is done through the ballot box, or whether it's done in the Libyan fashion.

And in a country like Britain, it'll almost certainly be through the ballot box - unless that also has been corrupted. And in these volatile times, as old loyalties are everywhere breaking down, the next political regime may spring up very rapidly from nowhere - a bit like the Tea Party in America. The end of the old regime may be very sudden. After years of habitually voting one way or other, the electorate will vote en masse in some new and totally unexpected way. It just hasn't happened yet.

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Betrayal of Millions

"....... it'll almost certainly be through the ballot box - unless that also has been corrupted."
Of course it's corrupted. It's corrupted by pre-election promises(Lies) that mean nothing.
Only today Cameron denied many millions of voters and the majority of his own party a mind of their own - HE declared there would not be the promised EU referendum and because HE thought it best that we stayed in the EU.
He also ensured that many millions of smokers were to be denied their say in his Big Society. Those many millions of smokers will avoid any part of it since they are sure to be further marginalized and ridiculed through anti-smoking activity.

Re: Betrayal of Millions

Of course it's corrupted. It's corrupted by pre-election promises(Lies) that mean nothing.

Well, yes, that's one form of corruption. But what I was meaning was the corruption that comes when the votes don't get counted honestly and properly. i.e. when the vote is rigged.

For the most part in Britain I have the impression that it still is being done honestly, although I know there have been plenty of 'irregularities'. If it wasn't being done more or less honestly, I don't see how there would have ever been any change of government, ever. There wouldn't have been a landslide victory for Labour in 1945. Nor Margaret Thatcher in 1979. Nor Blair in 1998.

All the same, such is the depth of corruption, such is the extent of the betrayal of absolutely everything, that it is beginning to seem implausible that this one thing could somehow remain uncorrupted, while everything else was stinking with decay.

We may have actually lost our democracy to this final corruption. In which case, all we may actually have is the Libyan option.


Re: Betrayal of Millions

I understand what you mean about the actual count being rigged but pre-election lies invalidate the democratic base of the count. There is no need to falsify a count when the votes are already corrupted.

COP-3 fact sheet: plain packaging

"Tobacco packs are designed by tobacco manufacturers to promote tobacco products and undermine the effectiveness of tobacco packaging laws, including laws mandating the display of health warnings and bans on misleading or deceptive information.

Tobacco packs are not simply containers for tobacco products. They should be regulated as the major promotional devices that they are. Tobacco products should be required to be sold in ‘plain packaging’.

It seems that they are only obeying orders.
Perhaps we should just read the lot and save the government the embarrassment of pretending that this is their considered idea.



"re: plain packaging"

I've tried twice in the last 24 hrs+ to post this at Chris Snowdon's blog under http://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.com/2011/03/plain-stupidity.html - but it didn't appear, despite the window saying it's been saved and should appear in a moment
- shades of an earlier episode?

Text reconstructed approx from memory, but I had the links:

Well, people can already design their own, if so inclined:


Another template (direct pdf link) is at:


(link from http://www.nicepapertoys.com/forum/topics/build-your-own-death )

Design industries are already considering this possible future:


(further comment on that here:)


Packaging industries are chattering too:

(Simon Clark of FOREST interviewed there)

Also (but obviously just a small heads-up)

So while some tobacco companies are (quite rightly!) persuing litigation, the relevant industries are just getting ready to roll (no pun intended!) with whatever happens...

And for a really interesting read, consider (the last few paragraphs especially!) this note by a Russian graphic designer, Artemy Lebedev, from December 22, 2008:

Design is war

- Ross

"Ongoing national surveillance and global monitoring are key public health functions"

"Perhaps we should just read the lot and save the government the embarrassment of pretending that this is their considered idea.


[Ah, 42 - I've just been reading Douglas Adams's last book, "Mostly Harmless"! ;=})]

Thanks for that link, Rose.

The pdf there of the upcoming 28-29 April: Health Ministers' NCD Conference, Moscow, NEW! Discussion paper [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 192.17 KB] makes pretty chilling reading, if you're at all conspiracy theory inclined...

Look at the Russian & Chinese (& other) members attending; read between the lines...

And further to look forward to, from that document... (as well as this post's title!)

The outcome of the Global Ministerial Conference, which includes a Declaration, will
provide a platform for discussion during the High-level Meeting of the United Nations
General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, which
will take place in New York in September 2011 with the participation of Heads of State and

Oh, and

"Objective 5
Global solidarity tobacco tax as an innovative financing
mechanism for MDGs and NCDs"


All too frightening...

Well, I'm going to bed to finish reading Douglas Adams [1952-2001] as light relief...

"The frightening thing about the Vogons was their absolute mindless determination to do whatever mindless thing they were determined to do. There was never any point in trying to appeal to their reason because they didn't have any. However, if you kept your nerve you could sometimes exploit their blinkered, bludgeoning insistence on being bludgeoning and blinkered. It wasn't merely that their left hand didn't know what their right hand was doing, so to speak; quite often their right hand had a pretty hazy notion as well"

~ Ross

From the lowliest council official to the highest EU bureaucrat.

I quit my job in one of my local council offices 3 years ago because of corruption (a social services dept). Corruption was rife throughout the whole department with staff fiddling their flexi in order to take paid days off, staff sitting and playing cards or surfing the internet all day instead of working, and sickness levels that were taking the piss.

After complaining vigorously for over 7 months, I was told to butt out and let management take care of it. The same management who had ignored it for years. The knock on effect of this silent policy was that those of us who honoured our contracts were forced to do our own work as well as someone else's. Of course, this doesn't make any department work well when you see someone being paid over £20k a year and you are doing their work for them while they toss it off. It inevitably led to me quitting through ill health caused by stress. Management didn't give a toss about this despite their pretty words stating that their staff's health is important to them. One person I complained about got to see a counsellor for her "stress" because I had complained about her! I, the whistle blower, was treated like scum. How's that for corruption?

Maybe it was just this one department, but I doubt it. I reckon it occurs in every government department. The vast majority of council staff don't seem to care where their wages come from (the taxpayers) and their superior attitude towards the general public has got worse over the years because the public is referred to as "customer" rather than "the people who pay your wages". Their sense of superiority and entitlement is a problem and like most institutions the people within them are blind to their own defects. I see comments in The Telegraph where public sector workers think they are the salt of the earth, and probably a lot of them are, but no-one ever complains about the corruption around because they know they will lose their jobs. I was reading the other day that 1 out of 5 doctors said they would not report their colleague for malpractice, out of fear of losing their jobs. Still trust your doctor?

Because I hate everything that this country has become over the past five years. And it hates me.

I love England but I hate what we as a people have become - slaves to a corrupt financial system that eats away at our lives every single day. We get the boss of Barclays waving his bonus in our face as if the PTB are deliberately trying to enrage the population so that we all rise up and they can then declare martial law. What we see every day are the banksters taking the piss, and yes, they are to blame, no matter what the MSM tell us. They created this financial system in the first place and it has got to the point where it is no longer serving us, the people; it is serving a small and corrupt elite. Due to having this power of life or death over us all via the fraud that is money they can pass any "law" they like because they own us all.

There's some sort of explosion coming.

I think so too but it will be a manipulated explosion that the PTB are behind. There's a financial feeding frenzy going on and there are signs that the entire financial system is going to collapse leading to a one world currency. Fractional reserve banking and usury will never work in the long term because no-one can ever pay back "interest" on something that was created out of thin air in the first place. It's insane. Our monetary system is the elephant in the room and it's been dead for quite a while now.

This collapse, of course, has been pre-planned, just like the one in the 1930s was, and we will all be forced to go along with it, or starve.


I wrote up a lengthy comment suggesting that the next regime to spring up already seems to exist and it's called the UKIP. Then I went to the wikipedia page on the 2010 UK General Election and decided to scrap it.

Even if 8 million smokers piled in en masse, while cannibalizing the Big Three, it would still wind up with Them - 18 million and the UKIP 8 million. They would overtake the Liberal Democrats however, and I assume become a brawny kingmaker in the process.

After reading that powerful Counting Cats Mood: Angry posting the other day, it crossed my mind that someone out there needs to tap into all of this pent up anger and frustration. That's supposedly what politics is all about.

Just dreaming and crunching some numbers here.

Re: Reality Check (Ian B from Counting Cats)

The problem is that the anger and frustration is all pointing in different directions. There isn't a commonality to the counter-hegemonic opposition. Some of it is very liberal. Some of it is very conservative. Some people are furious about immigration, others (among libertarians particularly) won't vote for a party that doesn't support open borders. Some us are anti-Temperance, while others want fierce government action against binge drinkers and fat people and so on. It seems everyone is angry at the State, but everyone has a different reason why, many of which are totally incompatible with each other. We don't form a unified "logroll" in the same way that the Progressives are able to achieve.

The Proggies have over a century of practise of managing consent by moral panic- be it about smoking or binge drinking or child abuse or rape or myriad other such panics. They're expert at maintaining high enough arousal levels in the general population that keeps people clinging to the State to protect them.

I don't know what political strategy would work in this situation. All the revolutionary theory is written by authoritarians as strategies for acquiring authority. There is little or nothing about how to abolish it, probably because nobody ever has a revolution (whether an overt one or a gradual takeover type) in order to give power away. We seem to be starting from scratch with this situation.

Yes, I think the ballot box is our main hope. Much as I would like to see (and join!) open and loud street protests á la Egypt or Libya, I think that the spirit of the British people is too broken to rouse itself sufficiently to drag itself away from its X-boxes, or Strictly Come Dancing, or its meaningless little non-jobs.

But I do think that the next election might be the watershed. Back in 1997 people voted for change (contrary to what Tony Blair likes to tell himself, they actually didn’t vote for him or for his vision of New Labour) – and they got absolutely no change at all. Then again, last time around, they voted for change, and what have they got? No change whatsoever.

I guess that the one good thing about having (in reality) just two parties with a stranglehold on Government power is that when – as now – we’ve tried both of them in quick succession and got no change from either, the only alternative is to try something completely different. The last election was an opportunity missed by a public trained not to think further into the future than its noses. But it does still have the ability to look back, at least to the more recent past. So maybe next time, in order to get the change which clearly even the most apathetic of voters desperately wants these days, they’ll have to vote for someone other than the Big Three.

One wonders whether all the much talked-of “electoral reform” schemes are in reality a very big signal that all of the major parties know, privately, that their time will be up at the next election – unless, of course, they can “cook the books,” electorally-speaking, by bringing in some much-trumpeted "new voting system."

Damn it! Yes, the political hegemony needs to be destroyed, but I do not think that UKIP is the answer.

If there is an answer, it will come (if it comes at all) from a group of MPs who get fed up with the hegemony. It nearly happened with the - what were they called? - Shirley Williams and co. Can't now remember the name - Social Democrats? Liberal Democrats? The name will not spring to mind. It nearly happened.

One wonders if there is a person who could do it - that is, re-organise politics. If I was asked to nominate such a person, I would choose Gordon Brown. You may laugh out loud if you wish, but I had some admiration for GB - he was certainly not one of the Chelsea Set. If we think of Blair, Cameron, Clegg, the Miliband bros, etc as The Chelsea Set, then we can see how they exercise political control. Only someone (or a group) with clout can break this hegemony. That is why we need something like 'The Tea Party'.

Somebody like Gordon Brown could do it, provided that he appealed to everyone who is fed up with the status quo. By that, I mean the spin and the persecution. Given the public will (and I think that it exists), I could see a new political movement which could overwhelm the current same as same as.

The importance of 'someone like Gordon Brown' is that he knows how to organised Government. I feel sure that there are a lot of people who would join him in such a venture, if he had the courage.

Of course, the destruction of the special interest groups would be of paramount importance. If the 'new order' does not see that this is true, then nothing has changed, and the Chelsea Set continue to reign.


Possibly not.

Tony Blair's 10 Years Of Tobacco Control

The Comment concludes: "Blair promised much for tobacco control but required considerable pressure before he delivered.

Let us hope that Gordon Brown, the new Labour Prime Minister, is able to act on the radical advice on long term planning and promotion of public health he commissioned in 2004, and responds to the nation's major public health problems with timely and powerful solutions."

Gordon Brown plans tonic for pharmaceutical industry - 2009

"The Government has placed the pharmaceuticals industry at the heart of its economic agenda with the appointment of Lord Mandelson and Alan Johnson to a key health sector group that will report to the Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown has summoned senior industry figures, such as Andrew Witty, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, and David Brennan, his opposite number at AstraZeneca, to a meeting at No10 to discuss ways of protecting pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, their revenues and their jobs, as the economy deteriorates rapidly."


Ah well! Seemed like a good idea at the time!


Here's another favourite.

How to scrounge off the State, by Gordon Brown - aged 22

"Social security hand-outs should be regarded as "free money", the "so-called welfare State" should be used wherever possible and there's nothing wrong with squatting or being a "parasite".

These are views in a guide on how to scrounge off the State, "con" private firms and "use and abuse the system", published by the man set to become Prime Minister.

It is not a leaked copy of Gordon Brown's manifesto in his campaign to succeed Tony Blair, but a 200-page booklet produced as a socialist student leader in the Seventies, long before "stealth taxes" were invented.

However, cynics will say the seeds of the welfare State boom under Labour can be seen in the document edited by 22-year-old firebrand Brown when Rector of Edinburgh University.

Entitled Alternative Edinburgh, it provides a revealing insight into his attitudes to the State and the law in its suggestions of ways to live for free."

""For the experienced parasite the Edinburgh Festival is a gift," the booklet declares, with advice on gatecrashing receptions - "enter via the side door" - and getting a free bath and food at smart hotels."

"The man who tried to hide the abolition of the 10p tax rate in his recent Budget was an early student of media manipulation.

"Counter-information is the key to success," students are advised. Direct action like squatting works because it attracts the Press."

The guide helpfully lists local Marxist and anarchist groups."

Gordon Brown's £3 rent cheque bounced at university halls of residence

"Bill Paterson, warden of Goschen House, Mr Brown’s hall of residence at Edinburgh university, said that Mr Brown was the only student he could remember whose rent cheque for £3 bounced when he tried to pay it in.

The Bank of Scotland stamped the cheque in red ink “refer to drawer”. Mr Paterson, whose name was misspelt by the student “Bill Patterson”, kept the memento and is now considering auctioning it off on eBay.

“It was the one and only time anyone had ever bounced a cheque on me,” said Mr Paterson, 63, who had been charged with collecting Brown’s weekly rent."

"Mr Paterson recalled him as an affable if slightly chaotic student.

“I remember moaning once that he never seemed to take his turn tidying the kitchens and putting the bins out and one of his fellow students replied, 'well, what do you expect, he’s a Socialist.’”

Not someone we wish to be associated with, I think :)


Have been reading about France and upcoming elections

France will have its council elections ('cantonales') on 20 and 27 March. Core French voters are pretty hacked off, to say the least. The Front National (FN), now headed by Marine LePen, is getting healthy polling results. Who knows what will happen? Sarkozy's UMP party is steady, but what happens in the council elections will have a significant bearing on the 2012 presidential election.

Sarkozy will be the incumbent, Marine Le Pen will run on the FN ticket and we don't yet know who the Socialist will be yet -- possibly Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom the media will probably rally round, as he will be seen as being 'fiscally responsible' (he will stand down from the IMF soon). Otherwise, it will be Francois Hollande, who headed the PS (Parti Socialiste) for over a decade. (He is Segolene Royal's ex -- she ran against Sarko in 2007.)

Point being that French tempers are running high right now -- fever pitch -- over the same issues we have. Lots of conservative thought out there but much disillusionment with Sarkozy. One to watch from now through the next 12-14 months.

Interestingly, the comments on Le Monde articles carry much the same lefty rhetoric we see at the Grauniad and other papers. Unbelievably similar. They must all have synched up their 'international talking points'.

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