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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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Drop Dead
I had a letter from the NHS last week, inviting me to sign up for a cancer screening programme. I was surprised I was invited. These days one expects to be ordered. But then, perhaps "invite" now means "order". You never know.

I won't be accepting the invitation, or obeying the order, whichever is appropriate. Why should I want to find out if I've got cancer? If they think I'm the teensy-weensiest bit at risk, the very first thing they'll do is order to me to stop smoking. Or invite me to stop smoking. And lay off the whisky. And the crisps and doughnuts and Melton Mowbray pork pies. And tell me to get some exercise. In short, they'll make my life no longer worth living.

So, while I stay away from them, cancer may be gnawing away at my innards, and cholesterol may be silting up my arteries, but I'll still have the pleasure of a cup of tea and a cigarette, or a whisky and a cigar. And I'll continue to be the master of my own life, maintaining my personal autonomy. And I'll retain my dignity. Once I walk through a hospital door, or into a doctor's surgery, it'll be the end of all pleasure, all autonomy, and all dignity. I'll become a slab of meat to be hectored and abused, before being sawn up and disposed of.

I haven't been to my doctor for 4 years now. When the smoking ban came into force, and the media blitz on smokers was in full spate, the bombs raining down everywhere, the last thing I wanted to do was to visit my doctor and be offered a Quit Smoking kit and be lectured about the dangers of tobacco. So I stopped going. I only ever went to get sleeping tablets anyway, and I found out that a few slugs of whisky was just as good as any sleeping tablet. In fact, a lot better.

The last time I saw her, she was wanting to read my blood pressure, or to get a reading of my blood sugar, even though I was perfectly well. But that's what screening is all about. You don't tell them when you're feeling unwell. They tell you. What you think means nothing to them. That's how they take away your worth.

I think there must be a lot of people like me. People who no longer want to visit their doctors if they can possibly help it. People who have started to see doctors as agents of state control, as a sort of health police. I imagine that anyone who is 'clinically obese' (which is more or less everyone, as best I can make out) will have the same attitude. So will anyone who enjoys a bottle of wine or three.

Doctors are no longer people who can be trusted. They have become people to fear. They are people who have control not only over life and death, but over more or less anything else anyone does. They used to be helpers and enablers. Now they have become tyrannical controllers.

I think that the inevitable consequence of all this is that people will stay away from doctors as much as they can. Who wants to go to their doctor simply to be told that it's their own fault that they're ill, because they smoked and drank and ate too much, and exercised too little? Who wants to be insulted some more, when they are already insulted enough every single day?

Nor is it that I think that these health bullies actually care two figs about anybody's health. They're quite obviously not trying to improve the health of smokers. They wouldn't make them stand outside pubs in driving rain if they wanted to do that. No, they're trying to exterminate smokers. And drinkers. And fat people. They'd like them to stand outside until they all drop dead.

And the result will be that, instead of public health improving, it will drastically deteriorate. For people who would otherwise would have gone to their doctors will now delay any visit for as long as possible, and quite likely to beyond the point when they they might be cured. Routine visits which might have allowed a doctor to notice a sallowness of complexion, a gauntness of face, a tremor in the hands, will no longer happen. Instead people will be admitted to hospitals with terminal cases of cancer or heart disease or malaria or dysentery or whatever. All the diseases that had once been banished will return with a vengeance.

But there's more. The smoking ban has shattered the social lives of millions of people, disconnecting them from friends, isolating them from the warmth of human society. In the comments on this blog, a year or so back, somebody wrote:

Thank you politicians for making my life not worth living after working from age 14 until 68. I am now 74 and have lost my soul and will to live in this lonely place.

And when people have lost the will to live, they're likely to die. They're likely to neglect to look after themselves, neglect to feed themselves, neglect themselves in every way. They may even take their own lives.

And why not? When life has ceased to be worth living, when all its pleasures have been forbidden, and all friendship has gone, what stronger incentive can anyone have to end their life?

So apart from many more people dying from untreated disease, there's also likely to be many more suicides. Which reminds me that up until 10 years ago I hardly knew anyone who had committed suicide. Now I know of about 5 of them. And almost all of them people who were perfectly well at the time of their death, and who seemed to have no obvious reason for taking their own lives, but who nevertheless decided that there wasn't anything worth living for any more.

And anyway in the modern climate of brutal state bullying, of insulting and demonising smokers and drinkers and fat people, isn't this relentless vilification of so many people likely to bring a total collapse in self-esteem for many of them? How many people have committed suicide because they have been made ashamed of being smokers, ashamed of enjoying a few beers, ashamed of being fat, and in some cases trebly ashamed for being all three at once? If they're going to vilify people so much, why not just send them all an NHS-approved noose with which to hang themselves, complete with instructions for the use of?

So I expect to hear that the incidence of all diseases is increasing dramatically, and that suicides are sky-rocketing, and that more and more people are being found long dead of unknown causes in their homes, because they had no friends, and nobody visited them any more.

And the worst of it almost is that, even when the whole filthy 'health' campaign is finally halted (as it one day must be), the consequences will be felt for decades afterwards. Because trust in doctors, once lost, will not be recovered easily, or perhaps at all. And shattered communities won't repair themselves readily, or perhaps at all.

Decades after it's all over, they'll be still be finding the pathetic, desiccated remains here and there, alone in bed with an empty bottle, or hanging from a shower rail.

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They will probably register all suicides as smoke related soon.
I was reading a few days ago that all patients must visit their GP every six months or risk being taken off the register.
Suits me.

The BBC news tonight described the Health Dept's plans. "Sometime, in the future, plain packaging may occur.""

On the BBC site, a few minutes ago, this appeared: ""The Department of Health in England is expected to say that it will push ahead with a ban on the display of tobacco products in shops in the coming years.""

I think that we should regard this pronouncement as a small victory. It is only small in the sense that the predomination of ASH is falling apart.

I do not think that ASH et al should be allowed to walk away. I do not think that DEB should be absolved of personal liability. If a person like Deb continuously advocates the persecution of certain people who enjoy tobacco, she should be subject to the law. ASH cannot plead ignorance. Ash have promulgated the most utterly abject scientific nonsence. It would be wrong to allow this group of arseholes (that is, not actually representative of doctors as a group) to make any decisions at all.

There are lots of implications which are inherent in this statement. The most important is that no one knows.

The now discredited ASH . . .

. . . is how I ALWAYS refr to them. Drip by drip.

"I think there must be a lot of people like me. People who no longer want to visit their doctors if they can possibly help it"

Yep, and I'm one of them. Haven't been since 2005 and even then it was because they insisted I had a check up because I had moved and had to change surgery.

Screening programmes nuisance

Are screening programmes really useful? How many of us have come across a number of people being diagnosed with e.g. cancer only weeks after being screened and given the "all clear"?

What are these screening programmes in aid of other than playing with our innate fear of death? Whose idea was "screening programmes", anyway? Why should I comply?

What is the cost of me being screened? Would it not make more sense to put this money towards any treatment I might require when NOT FEELING WELL?

Re: Screening programmes nuisance


There was a big fuss over them a couple of years ago.


"WOMEN have expressed their bitterness and hurt about undergoing breast surgery after research showed that 10 patients will be treated unnecessarily for every life saved."

"Routine breast cancer screening saves the lives of two women for every one who receives unnecessary treatment, a study suggests today."

I suppose screening makes a big difference if it runs in the family, rather than a one size fits all approach.


Re: Screening programmes nuisance


Although it was women who first did question these screening programmes, it affects men the same with respect to e.g. prostate cancer.
(Perhaps men are just more reluctant to speak up).

But it is not only the gender specific screening programmes which are an annoyance; once you have reached a certain age it is assumed you would like to know your e.g. cholesterol levels alongside your blood pressure. Age matters. Anyone >50 will know about it.

In 2007 I had to undergo surgery for a sports related injury (Torn ligament in my right thumb). The anaesthetist duly visited me following admission to the ward and I was asked if I had: had a heart attack, high blood pressure; suffered a stroke and am diabetic.
I looked a little puzzled.
Then I asked: "Have you looked at my notes?" (I was beginning to get worried that I might end up with a new hip joint, rather than having the ligament fixed). I also added that my date of birth is no indication of my physical well being; let alone of ailments.
It turned out that the anaesthetist had a sense of humour and he laughed when I stated that I would now like to go for my pre-op cigarette.

I haven't been to the doctor's for treatment in so many years that I've lost count.
In that time, they have demolished the old surgery and built a mini hospital.

But I went there last year to ask them to stop sending me invitations for screening as the invitations had become more like demands.
I explained that I had stopped years ago because I was becoming a hypochondriac, the all clear was only a temporary relief,it became not if, but when.

I also got myself removed from The Spine.

In days gone by, you went to the doctor's when you were ill and needed advice, not kept in a permanent state of terrified apprehension.


drop dead

You are all missing the point. The fact is that doctors get bonuses - financial reward - for completing x number of screenings, x number put on statins, x people's blood pressure taken and of course extras for getting people on quit smoking regimes. Hence the strident nature of their demands that you attend.

I absolutely agree about them being agents of the state and no longer your friend and ally. Hence minimal visits from me. I have got my young man well trained re smoking - we had 'the conversation' when he first joined the practice and I told him in no uncertain terms that there was no way he could talk me out of enjoying nicotine, that I felt no compulsion to live to 90 in a care home and that I did not propose ever to discuss the subject with him again and to be fair he hasn't raised it even when he does one of those ghastly computer risk asessments which tell you you have a 65% chance of dying within the next 5 years and you can see him fighting back the urge to go into the smoking spiel.

One small sign of hope today - main letter in DT's letter page from Free Society taxpayers alliance etc saying time to stop persecuting and de normalising smokers. Amazing it was printed really.

Now for first cig on No Smoking Day!


Well,I was quite amused to find that I had a price on my head.

NHS suspects fraud in £61m stop smoking programme

"Counter-fraud specialists are investigating claims that pharmacists are stealing money from the NHS by fiddling figures on the number of people they have helped to give up smoking.

The Guardian has learned of inquiries in five primary care trusts in London into allegations that chemists have fraudulently claimed thousands of pounds, claiming cash rewards of up to £85 for each patient they help to stop smoking for at least four weeks."

"Pharmacists receive cash bonuses of between £50 and £85 for every person who has continued to abstain from smoking four weeks after starting the programme, as proved by two consecutive low carbon monoxide readings.

A pharmacist who treats 600 patients in a year stands to make up to £85,000 gross profit."

Not nearly enough in my view.
I wonder if it's got to a hundred yet, then I can have a Wanted poster done.


I've been to see the doctor twice in the last 12 years, both times here in Greece. First time was for a broken bone in my lower spine (no treatment - grin and bear it, it will heal itself), and the second time I had to go to hospital for a hernia op. On neither occasion was I asked if I smoke, nor was I asked if I drink. For the operation (general anaesthetic) they did blood tests and a chest X-ray beforehand and that was it. It does seem that in UK the medical profession has a tendency to over-egg the situation. And like you Frank, I have no interest in being "screened" on a regular basis.

I have a friend here who goes every year to a private clinic to have a thorough check-up. I remember him saying to me "you should go - it's only €200, and they'll tell you everything that's wrong with you". My reply was "Ken, I really don't think I want to know". He then grudgingly admitted that he worried a lot more about his health since he'd been doing it, but was under pressure from his dearly-beloved to comply, not only with having the checks, but then with adhering to the various dietary requirements that resulted.

He's a bar owner, and he used to be a barrel of laughs. Now he's a shadow of his former self. Whether that's as a result of all the health checks (and giving up smoking and cutting down drinking which followed) or not I can't say. But I have my suspicions. Ok, he may prolong his life an extra year or two. but it's the years at the wrong end of his life that he's preserving.

I'll stick to my quiet hedonism thanks.

They are just registering the Vaccine "customers"

Yes, they call you for a cancer check, or oblige you at work to take part to their "health programms", or ask you any place you go for you Body mass index... And they register you for the coming vaccines:
anti smokers vaccine NixVax from Autumn 2011
anti obesity vaccine
anti wine and beer vaccines
and anti cannabis, cocaine vaccines

Just google
moking pandemic
smoking vaccines

Obesity pandemic
Obesity vaccinean so on, and so on....

go to the facebook groups
"Smokers rights - ban zyban - forbid champix and the anti smokers vaccines"
vaccines kill
Dr Tenpenny on vaccines
dr mercola
no vaccines for me
universal declaration of resistance against mandatory vaccines
international resistance movement against mandatory vaccines
informed citizens about vaccines
vaccinations out of schols
stop mass vaccinations in canadathe truth about vaccines
Jane Burgermeister

and there are even m,ore that i do not all know by heart...

Vaccines are bio weapons and theare killing us in masses with Champix and Zyban. (which cause not only suicides, epilepsy and heart attacks but also street rage, school schootings, murders, psychosis, violence...

The trials against Pfizer are running in canada and USA, but they dissimulate this in all other ocupied countries of the World Homicide Organization ....WE have to get all non smokers, parents, Fatties and wine drinkers on our side: we ALL are victims of the World Homicide Organization

www.raucherbewegung.eu (klick on the UK flag)

Re: They are just registering the Vaccine "customers"


After six monthly injections, users of NicVax build up antibodies to nicotine, just as they would to a disease.

If you smoke when you’re on it, your bloodstream is flooded with nicotine. The antibodies attach to the nicotine’s molecules, making them too big to cross into the brain’s pleasure center. Result: smoking buzz officially killed.

Unlike some antismoking drugs, the vaccine doesn’t act on the central nervous system, which may result in fewer side effects like dry mouth and difficulty sleeping.

In clinical trials, heavy smokers with high antibody levels were twice as likely to quit for a year, prompting Nora Volkow, MD, of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, to extol NicVax as “giving smokers a fighting chance to end the addiction-relapse cycle.”

The vaccine could be available in 2012.

That's pathological -- the nicotine effect is completely blocked. Bad news for stressed-out smokers.

Then somebody comments on there, desperate for information on this great new business opp!

I avoid the doctors too. Not out of fear or because i don't want to hear what they have to say, but i rarely have the need to go. Until last year, i genuinely have no idea when i went last. Last year i was forced though, as i was having bad nerve problems with my foot and some knee infection, which required biopsies and MRI scans. It was something serious enough for me to get checked out. I know people who hit the docs office as soon as they get a sniffle, antibiotics = life apparently. As for me, unless i experience something that i consider to be serious enough, and it bothers me for what i consider a considerable length of time, i'll get checked out.

Mind you, the GP service has changed. Growing up I had a doctor. Nowadays i have a doctor's office. When i fill a form in and it says 'doctor's name', i have to say i don't have a doctor, i go to a surgery. It means they don't know their patients. We're just on a conveyor belt to them. And when i did go about my foot, they hadn't a clue. They gave me three wrong disagnoses before eventually sending me to a specialist, who identified it immediately. My attitude now is if i need to go to the doctor for a problem, i'll go simply for that referral.

Americans had family doctors, too ...

Yes, up until the mid- to late 1980s, Americans went to a general practitioner (the term now is almost forgotten -- it's always 'family doctor' now as part of a LARGE practice where they greet you with 'Medicaid, Medicare or co-pay? I need to see your card before you can go through'). Not so long ago, you paid as you needed. When I was a child, the fee per visit was affordable for most. My parents told me that for the poor, the physician paid a visit as charity or for whatever the family could afford. Imagine that nowadays.

A few years ago, I could see that the American doctor didn't give a stuff about my elderly mother's declining health, despite her insurance. (Just for any anti's reading this -- my mother never smoked and worked until she was 80.)

10 years after being sterlised I was amazed to see in my notes at the G.P.'s office that I was still having annual consultations for birth control !!
I was told 25 years ago that my cholesterol was high and told to diet (I weighed under 9 stone at 5'6") Took no notice at all.
What with all the cervical/breast/blood pressure/cholesterol tests, the final straw came last year when I was sent a pack of equipment to send a sample of poo off to be tested.
Enough is enough !!! No more thank you very much.

New post up on scapegoats and the State

I think you might like this:


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