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Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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I'm not much interested in fashion, so I wasn't in the least bit bothered when I heard that Christian Dior fashion designer John Galliano had been fired for making antisemitic remarks.

And so it was largely by accident that I finally watched this heavily-edited video of him making the remarks. What I saw was astonishing.

Galliano, as best I could make out, was sitting at night outside a Paris restaurant, and he was smoking. I've captured one of the relevant frames below. You can see the cigarette quite clearly.

john galliano

This completely changed my understanding of what had happened. Because, in fact, Galliano doesn't make any antisemitic remarks at all. He just tells the people at his immediately neighbouring table that they and and their mothers and their forefathers would be dead, and that they would have been gassed. There's nothing specifically antisemitic about that. Jews are not the only people who have ever been gassed.

The other thing which is quite clear is that the video records only part of what is clearly part of a longer conversation, during which Galliano seems to have taken a deep dislike of the people at a neighbouring table, and not because they are Jewish. Why did he take such a dislike to them?

My guess, for what it's worth, is that they complained that he was smoking. And Galliano, already deeply unhappy at having to shiver outside in the cold, and exhausted from just having completed his latest collection - which was due to be launched this last Monday - simply snapped and wished them and their mothers and their forebears had all been gassed.

Just like I would.

Because I hate these motherfucking antismoking bastards equally as much. Why, only a couple of days ago I was suggesting an eugenic programme to rid the world of them.

The EU smoking-ban-in-waiting calls for shock trials of high profile dissidents. I'm now wondering whether John Galliano may be the first of these. Except he won't be prosecuted for smoking, but for making 'antisemitic' remarks. Which would be quite typical of the way these mofos indirectly and deceitfully set about their aims.


I think that the smoking community should adopt Galliano as one of their own, as one of their dear and beloved sons. And anyway, we could do with a few fashion designers. And Kate Moss (another smoker, as you can see below) has asked him to design her wedding dress.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. Sitting outdoors in the table near him the people probably started doing the famous fake-coughing and hand gesturing movements and when that didn't intimidate their victim, they began talking loud enough to be heard by everyone how they "hate smokers" and "people who smoke shouldn't be allowed in public" and so on. The victim of this attack probably turned to remind them that if it wasn't for those who fought for freedom in the last world war, then smoking along with being Jewish among a whole list of others, would have long been abolished or exterminated, which is the Truth. Since the Truth in this concern is not permitted to be reality, then the media stepped in to cut, paste and edit the tape down to manufacture a smear against the victim to the chagrin of whoever higher up is the financier of this anti-smoking worldwide dictatorship coming into plain focus. The airing on TV and internet will get just a few seconds glances, enough for the lie to become artificial truth in the viewers' minds and everyone will put their noses back to the grindstone of making this whole world dictatorship a smashing success until everything false is true and everything true is false. I think you hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what happened that night.

I should say to the chagrin of the victim but to the delight of the persons engineering their dictatorial coup.

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