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Frank Davis

Banging on about the Smoking Ban

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Drain Air
It's really not that long ago that the germ theory of disease was developed. It was in 1840, when the achromatic objective was perfected, that it became possible to see and study previously invisible bacteria. It was only in about 1900 that the Plasmodium Falpicarum parasite was isolated as the cause of malaria. Before that, the cause of disease was a subject of superstition and credulity.

To the primitive mind, deeply tinged with anthropomorphism, the natural explanation of all disease was sought in the evil influence of a demon or other supernatural power. The plagues and pestilences in particular were punishments inflicted upon a people for their sins. There was no possibility of escaping such visitations except by the dubious expedient of flight; no hope except the relaxation of which they were the sign. As Defore says of the cessation of the plague in London:
  Nothing but the immediate finger of God, nothing but Omnipotent Power could have done it. The contagion despised all medicine; death raged in every corner; and had it gone on as it did then, a few weeks more would have cleared the town of all and everything that had a soul.

And if not the manifestation of divine punishment, then disease was frequently believed to be spread by a variety of miasmic effluvia. One of these was drain air.

One of the most striking examples of the exorcism of a bogey of the older sanitation by modern exact methods is the case of sewer gas. Dreaded as a prime spreader of disease ever since sewerage began, we now know that sewer or drain air is freer from microbes than the air of a city street...

It's a curious fact that this fear of drain air continues to this day to shape our plumbing.

Modern toilets incorporate an 'S','U', 'J', or 'P' shaped bend that causes the water in the toilet bowl to collect and act as a seal against sewer gases.

There's no need for the water seal. Drain air is harmless. Nowadays people would probably say that they just "don't like the smell".

The first two quotations above are taken from Man and the Microbe, by Professor C.-E. A. Winslow, of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, published in Popular Science Monthly of July 1914, just 15 years after the malaria parasite was isolated.

In retrospect, it seems perhaps a little premature of Winslow to have hoped that the bogey of drain air had at last been exorcised. For the modern version of drain air is tobacco smoke. These days, as everybody knows, it is the prime cause of disease. Forget about germ theory. That's been and gone. It's the miasma of tobacco smoke that causes lung cancer and heart disease and is a "risk factor" in almost every other affliction of humanity. The US Surgeon General and the World Health Organisation have stated that there is "no safe level" of tobacco smoke. The faintest whiff of it is lethal.

The truth would seem to be that the primitive mind has persisted long into our modern era. It was never entirely banished, never fully exorcised. In fact, it's been making a big comeback. A new miasma has replaced the old miasma. And, as before, disease is regarded as punishment for the sins of eating, drinking, and smoking. The patient is the cause of his own illness. Of course, neither 'sin' nor 'divine retribution' are ever mentioned in this connection, but the underlying logic remains the same.

How did this happen? Why, after the germ theory of disease had swept through medicine in the late 19th century, explaining the causes of so many diseases, did the primitive mind return with its bogeys and superstitions?

One reason may be that the new germ theory didn't explain every disease. It may have explained malaria and cholera and the like, but it didn't explain cancer and heart disease. And those diseases which the new germ theory could not explain remained in the province of an older, more primitive set of explanations. The ancient superstitions still applied there. These diseases remained punishments from God on sinful humanity. They were diseases that people brought upon themselves. And they were caused by inhaling miasmic vapours.

It's not just tobacco smoke. The whole of 'alternative medicine' with its array of crystals and aromatherapies and homeopathic medicines is a recrudescence of the primitive pre-scientific mind. Wherever germ theory can't prevent or cure some malady, a forest of alternative therapies and cures springs up, complete with diets, exercises, and snake oil.

In fact, with tobacco smoke - the new incarnation of drain air - in the vanguard, one might even say that 'alternative' medicine has now more or less completely ousted the scientific germ theory, with its laboratories and microscopes, that was making all the running a century ago. That upstart brash new theory swept all before it for 100 years or so. But now the old gods are back, and the priests of Amun have revived the ancient rites, now that heretic Akhenaten is dead. Saint George Godber and Liam Donaldson have restored the old religion - thanks be given to our holy mother Isis, living forever.

Look. Disease is not caused by bacteria or viruses. Disease is caused by smoke. It is caused by the smoke of factory chimneys and car exhausts of your evil civilisation. But above all it is caused by the smoke of cigarettes, which has the magical properties of being able to kill someone 40 years after they have inhaled it, and which can go through walls, and has no safe level, and clings to furniture and walls for thousands of years.

If you are feeling ill, it's your own fault. It's because you smoked a cigar in the Lyceum in Billericay in 1971. Yes, it really does take that long for it to catch up with you. It's been scientifically proven. Here, try these crystals. Their sympathetic vibrations will interact with yours. Place them over your chakras for an hour every day, while lying inside one of the free NHS fold-up Golden Section pyramids you can get at reception. Make sure to align the pentagram undersheet towards Jupiter rising. And dab a couple of drops of patchouli oil behind your ears.

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Environmental tobacco smoke! Oh My God!

Malaria - French for 'bad air'.

I have had a good idea. It needs to be developed.

When the Government has 'a good idea' (such as the smoking ban) and creates a Health Bill to put this idea to Parliament, why should not this Bill be published on the internet so that everyone can have a say about whether or not this idea is a good idea?

If the Health Bill which proposed to ban smoking in enclosed public places had been offered up to The People before proceeding to the House of Commons, everyone would have had a chance to comment, including, and especially, MPs. The science would have been scrutinised, and here is the wonderful thing, just ONE comment which PROVED (reasonably) that SHS, for example,is harmless would be undeniable. Thus, the society of Health Professionals could be thwarted.

I am wondering as I write this whether or not, on the basis of human rights, it is possible to insist that this should be so.

Assuming so, one can readily understand that such a consultation could (and would) become chaotic, unless strictly controlled. Such strict controls would not be a problem if 'the discussion' were to take place with one's local MP. An MP would thus have to justify his/her support for the smoking ban, for example.

Will such a plan ever happen? I think that it will, and that it will not be long. The reason that I think this to be true is that an awful lot of intelligent people will call for it. Obviously, and this is sad, the vast majority of people will not be interested, but that does not matter.

It may have taken intelligent people some time to collect their thoughts, but it has become clear that only ASH et al actually believe that SHS is harmful (and they know that it is not true!).

But that is for the future. I am of the opinion that, while we must essentially remain a cloud or swarm, we must take some action.

I live in a Bolton, Lancs constituency. My MP is Quereshi - totally useless apart from her constituents' complaints. I am perfectly prepared to write letters to my MP - hundreds of them if necessary. If all the commenters here and on Leg iron and on DP etc provided their constituency info, it ought not to be a problem to acquire one person per constituency. As a group, it ought not to be difficult to bombard our MPs with our opinions. The beauty of the idea is that you do not need millions of people - only one per constituency, 650 to be precise.

I am pissed off with commenting here and there, and yet I simply do not have the time to blog as yourself and Leg iron and DP do. I do not know how you do it.

But I will make a big effort. I will try to put together a blog which accumulates at least one person per constituency. I do not know how to do it, but I will make it my business to find out. The enterprise is fraught with difficulties, but it MUST be worthwhile, even if it turns out to be a total failure.

My plan is very simple. It is to bombard every MP, both by letter and email, with evidence of the lack of SHS harm and, if possible, with the duplicity of the zealots.

What do you think?

I went to Paul Flynn MP's blog tonight and suggested just that. Although I did not say so, I had in mind the fact that the Ex Government created 3000 criminal offences in the course of 13 years. Also, in respect of Health and Safety, for example, is it not true that a criminal offence can appear after the fact? In other words, laws are made which are so ephemeral that the offence only appears after the event has occurred. We see these situations every day - especially as regards 'child abuse'.

When the Government has 'a good idea' (such as the smoking ban) and creates a Health Bill to put this idea to Parliament, why should not this Bill be published on the internet so that everyone can have a say about whether or not this idea is a good idea?

Yes, that is a good idea. Of course it's a good idea.


Malaria - French for 'bad air'

I think it's Italian. "Mala aria" is "bad air" in Italian, I read yesterday. The French for "air" is "air".


The last para does not belong!

Germ Theory

The germ theory of cancer, including lung cancer, has been around since the late '90s, and in quite respectable circles. Too bad the cancer societies are spending all their (our) money on promoting smoking bans and concocting near-lethal "therapies" instead of doing research.

For your files, 3 solid articles. In the last one, the researcher believes that 85% of all cancers are caused by viruses.




Germ Theory Part Deux

Sorry, that second link was wrong. But, to continue to be a pain in the a pedant, here are some more





Re: Germ Theory Part Deux

Thanks for the links. I've already done a fair bit of exploring HPV. It's very interesting. And far more plausible.



Rather interesting as well that the founder of microbiology Louis Pasteur was in fact a chemist ,not a doctor.
I expect that's because at the time all most doctors could do was saw pieces off people.

all most doctors could do was saw pieces off people.

They haven't changed. The smoking ban expels smokers from society. That's like sawing the arms and legs off society.


"It was only in about 1900 that the Plasmodium Falpicarum parasite was isolated as the cause of malaria. Before that, the cause of disease was a subject of superstition and credulity."

By now it is widely accepted that the "disease" of Thalassaemia is caused by genetic mutation as a response to the parasite in regions where malaria is common. A simple replacement of an amino acid on the alpha, beta and (rarer) delta chain is the cause of a haemoglobinopathy which affects the shape of red blood cells. There are quite a few side effects, but it also disrupts the life cycle of the parasite and increases survival of people affected by the parasite.

Nowadays we are being told to buy as much bleach and disinfectants as we can to live as "germ-free" as possible although being aware the microorganisms can adapt (e.g. antibiotic - resistance) much faster than we can. What is never mentioned is also that these little critters do adapt to all we are being sold to be "safe", too.

The "devil" tobacco is ancient and still appears to be quite effective in warding off infections.

I often do wonder if ASH etc. are a club of people without long-term thought but fear for their lives should they encounter a whiff of SHS.
And since the public responds so well to microorganism scares they dreamt up the third/fourth/fifth/idiotic hand smoke danger.
Funeral for common sense.

Re origin of malaria

I stand corrected, Frank.

Not OT, just a side road. One of my wife's colleagues was getting pins and needles in their hands. Being a smoker at the time, she gave up, just in case this was the cause. After a while, the pins and needles were still there and getting more frequent. She went to her doctor, who did the usual routine of listening to her heart, taking her blood pressure and sending her for a blood test.

She went to the doctor following the results. Everything seemed fine with her circulation, so he told her that it was a neck problem, and was filling in a form for her to see a consultant and have xrays.

At this point, she mentioned that she had smoked, but stopped because she was worried this may have had something to do with it.

So what did her doctor do? He tore up the form in front of her and told her that her smoking had caused it.

Isn't it frustrating, Timbone, to know about these idiotic statements? The doctor's statement was not dissimilar to saying that a person's previous history as a mountain climber was the reason that that person drowned in a swimming pool.

Did she go home and think about it and then go back and ask how exactly the doctor came to that conclusion? I assume that not, but I would not expect her to.

But it is also reasonable to ask how he knew that she did not have some serious condition, and I assume that that is the point that you are making.

Exactly junican. Serious or not, it seems likely that she has a neck strain (a bit like RSI in the fingers) or possibly something worse. However, as soon as she told him she had been a smoker.....end of investigation as to real cause and effect.

Timbone (and Frank).

We are all under serious brainwashing attack. Even those of us who know better are at risk.

DP has just told us about a vet who reckons that our pets (cats specifically) are dying from our smoking. Is this vet an anti-smoking zealot, in league with ASH? Here is a comment which I have left at DP's place:

""Snowden on Velvet Glove Iron Fist has just published a report from the WHO re tobacco and alcohol harm. I have just left this comment:

""Dockrell [from ASH] is not stupid. He knows very well that what he says is nonsense, but by saying it, he attracts our attention. Subliminally, we begin to accept the message which he wants us to accept - GUILT. His numerical claims may be rubbish, but, by observing them, we subliminally accept that smaller numbers might be true. We do not say that the whole thing is crap!
Would I be wrong in saying that all of ASH's (and, ultimately, the WHO’s) statements are calculated to achieve the effect that they want in this way?""

And therefore, would I be wrong in suggesting that vet Alex Gough is invoking the same con trick? Whether the detail in his 'study' is right or wrong is not important from ASH's point of view. Only the GUILT is important. Cat owners, even if they do not smoke, will feel GUILTY! This con trick is a common phenomenon - it applies to reports about fag ends littering the streets. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SMOKE AND DO NOT LITTER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THE LITTER, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT PERSONALLY CONTRIBUTE! The ploy is deliberate. Factual errors only add to the persuasion because they make you think about the subject.


We are all being manipulated. It really is frightening, and I fear for our children and grandchildren.

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