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Exploded Credibility
Joanne Nova dissects the spectacular own goal of the mini-movie 10:10 in Mystery Solved: Why the PR hacks exploded their own credibility

They had spent years dehumanizing, ridiculing, and denigrating anyone that disagreed. Two decades of noxious name-calling and rampant bullying had laid the groundwork for The Marketing Disaster of the Century.

From the dictionary: Dehumanization — To deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility: slaves who had been dehumanized by their abysmal condition.

Just as Tutsis were called cockroaches, and the Jews were called vermin, when a scientist is a denier, they're automatically a fake, and without the human ability to reason, they’re sub-human.

So somehow, fittingly, the eco-terrorists own name-calling campaign has come back to blitz them. The dehumanization program worked so well in their own heads, it didn't occur to any of them that they were publicly fantasizing about being inhumane tyrannical murderous thugs. They had dehumanized their targets to the point that no one in a room of supposedly top brains stopped and said "maybe blowing up kids is just a bit base?"

As ever, reading this, I couldn't help but see the mirror image of it in Tobacco Control. They also dehumanise smokers as slaves to their habit, and treat them like cockroaches or vermin. If anyone speaks up for smokers, they're automatically pawns of Big Tobacco. Tobacco Control is as great a bunch of inhumane, tyrannical, murderous thugs as the global warming crew.

In fact they're far, far worse. Global warming 'deniers' don't get made to stand outside. Global warming deniers don't get told they're disease-ridden and that they stink. Global warming deniers don't get fired from their jobs, or refused medical treatment. The IPCC doesn't defamed hundreds of millions of people: Tobacco Control dies

There were 3 core reasons why 10:10 were setting themselves up for disaster. Brain Snap Number One --- Don't "know thine enemy"

What did 10:10 do when they wanted to understand the average man-in-the-street? They asked another activist. It's like asking a mirror a rhetorical question. It reflects the group-think right back, adding weight to prejudices and supporting stereotypes. "Deniers are paid by big oil" and "don't care"

It's the same with the antismokers. They don't consult ordinary people. They certainly don't consult smokers. They talk to each other. They have enough conferences each year, after all. They live in a bubble.
Brain Snap Number Two --- Let's alienate most of the population

10:10 were reaching out to the mass population and saying in nice sickly sweet tones: "agree with us or we'll trick you, kill you, and kill your kids too".

Same with the antismokers. And, as part of 'lifetsyle medicine" they're one wing of an attack on smokers, drinkers, and fat people. i.e. almost everybody.

Brain Snap Number Three --- Believing it's OK if it's "all for a good cause"

And isn't antismoking always a good cause? And because it's a good cause, it allows any number of lies and exaggerations to be used to advance the good cause.

The antismokers are making all the same mistakes as 10:10. But they've yet to undergo a similar PR disaster. But perhaps that's because the war on smokers has been running for 60+ years, rather than just 20 years.

Whatever way, they're now showing the world just how poisonous and mean-spirited and mendacious they really are, and how little any of it has to do with 'health'. The blowback, when it eventually comes, is likely to be very powerful. Smokers have had enough of it already. Some day, everybody else will have had enough of it too.

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I don't think the antismokers can have a PR disaster. No matter how insane the rubbish they spout, their drones lap it up.

If ASH produced a video showing smoker's children exploding, their drones would be pointing out the risk to smokers withing days.

We are dealing with a really special level of stupid in the antismoker camp.

1010-no pressure

from banned. I descibed the 1010 vid, in quite measured terms, to an elderly female teacher and to an academic lawyer, both 'right-on' in most regards but both equaly horrified, I urged them to seek it out on youtube but do not know if they have done so.

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